Migrating GEO from testnet to mainnet

Migrating your tokens from Testnet to mainnet

Since Geocash was running on testnet, it requires a few steps from your side to convert those tokens to mainnet tokens.


How to connect your wallet to Swap.geodb.com

1. Import GeoCash wallet to Metamask/TrustWallet

First, get GeoCash Private keys from the app.

Import Geocash wallet to Metamask using the private key

3. Connect to swap website.

Visit https://swap2.geodb.com/

How will my allocation be calculated?

Vesting period

There is also a vesting period that will directly affect the number of tokens that each account can withdraw at a specific time. This vesting period will establish a date on which all users could withdraw all their tokens. If some users want to do their swap before this period, the amount will be proportional to the elapsed time.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts; much more is coming really soon!

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